The Value of Instant – Dovetail/Finextra research on the pricing of instant payments.

Finextra Interview : There is no one-size-fits-all to instant pricing

Trevor LaFleche, Dovetail, speaks about the findings of the Finextra and Dovetail research paper on the pricing of instant payments, and what banks should be doing in light of the changing climate.

Trevor LaFleche Interview with Finextra

The Value of Instant – Dovetail 2016 Global Payments Survey.

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The number of live instant payments programs is set to rapidly expand globally over the next few years. While many involved are familiar with what is happening and where, the understanding of the comparative revenue opportunities of instant payments is often low and not helped by the sparsity of comparative pricing information.

The key survey findings were presented at the Sibos 2016, Geneva.

The Dovetail/Finextra global research examines what banks are charging for payments in 7 markets in which instant is either already a reality or in the process of being deployed. Specifically it looks at where instant payment pricing fits with credit transfers and direct debits at retail/corporate/agency and batch/high value. This information will be invaluable for executives developing their instant payments strategies.