Dovetail Payments Platform

Transaction banking, like other flow businesses, is increasingly reliant on market-leading technology. Banks don’t select technology providers just because they have a solution that meets specific requirements today. Rather, they look for providers who offer multiple solutions spanning the payments and liquidity spectrum.

They expect those solutions to work smoothly with each other, and with the bank’s existing systems. And they want to enjoy the benefits of the regular upgrades and enhancements that result from joining a strategic provider’s client community.

That’s why all Dovetail solutions, from the simplest intraday liquidity reporting application to the most complex payment solution, are based on a single architecture – the Dovetail Payments Platform.

This single architecture offers a suite of common services to maximize our clients’ business agility and competitive differentiation:

  • Personalization – allows banks to configure Dovetail’s solutions to create new products for their customers and bring them to market rapidly
  • Integration APIs and web service enablement – guaranteeing that any Dovetail solution can be easily and quickly installed into a bank’s existing environment
  • Performance – to ensure a batch file with millions of transactions submitted a few minutes before end of day makes the processing deadline
  • Resiliency – for the 24/7/365 uptime required by the world’s most demanding financial institutions
  • Upgradability – ensuring a regular flow of new features and enhancements that leverage the common investment of the whole Dovetail community.

In short, the Dovetail Payments Platform isn’t just about technology. It’s about the advantage we seek to deliver to our clients, whatever solution they need.

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