Dovetail Smart Middle Office Solutions

Experts agree that investing in a single architecture for payment processing is the best strategy for a bank to offer the most competitive payment services while at the same time reducing operational cost and improving margins. However, sometimes for some banks, replacing entire legacy payments systems is just not an option.

Is it possible for a bank to reap the benefits of the latest payments technology while retaining existing systems?

The answer is yes.

The Dovetail Smart Middle Office Solutions allow banks to solve challenging business and customer service problems while still clearing and settling through existing payment systems and gateways. By deploying Dovetail’s Smart Middle Office Solutions, our clients have been able to speed up payment execution times and improve customer satisfaction by:

  • Significantly reducing the time required to make routing changes to cross-border payments
  • Increasing straight-through-processing rates
  • Increasing real-time information on payment processing, including the ability to offer customers a ‘do-it-yourself’ facility.

The above are only a few of the many possibilities. Dovetail’s Smart Middle Office Solutions are highly modular, allowing a bank to deploy a range of options based on business priorities. The modular design also ensures that the solution can be easily integrated with a bank’s existing systems, reducing implementation effort and accelerating time to market.

In common with all Dovetail solutions, the Dovetail Smart Middle Office Solutions are based on the Dovetail Payments Platform. This ensures that banks of all sizes can reap many of the benefits of the same proven technology that powers payment processing operations for the world’s largest banks, at a fraction of the cost. It also enables banks to genuinely future-proof their investment, by easily adding new functionality as their business needs evolve.