Digital transformation

Digital transformation is an imperative for the future success of banks. Payments are on one side of the vast majority of banking transactions – putting them at the heart of banking services and the customer experience. Modernization of a bank’s enterprise payment capabilities is therefore a key foundation for effective digital transformation.

Digital transformation in payments demands significant changes to mission critical legacy systems. Banks that have begun this transformation are already gaining significant benefits and are increasing the pace of their transformation. Those yet to begin will find it progressively harder to catch up.

Despite this, many banks are failing to take the first step due to the perceived disruption, prohibitive costs and associated risks. But without progressing, these banks will only fall further and further behind.

At Dovetail, we have developed an approach – and a series of out-of-the-box solutions – that have given our clients a clear advantage in payments. Our solutions allow you to build progressively from your legacy systems to a fully digital future. We accelerate your pace of change, enable your investment to be focused on progressive improvements and greatly reduce your risk.

Dovetail solutions are designed for banks of any size and complexity – from in-country payment processing to a unified, multi-entity, multi-country platform.

Dovetail solutions help banks deliver

  • Strategic agility
  • Operational excellence
  • Optimal total cost of ownership

At Dovetail we enable banks to progressively modernize their payments capabilities – delivering real business advantage in shorter cycles and with less risk.

Watch Martin Coen, CEO, Dovetail in an interview with The Business Debate on digital transformation and how leading banks are progressively modernizing their payments systems

Digital transformation in payments
Progressive modernization of payment systems
Digital transformation in payments
Moving to payments modernization

Dovetail Payment Solution

For banks looking to implement a modern payment solution
for end to end payment processing

For banks looking to add functionality to existing legacy systems

For banks looking to add clearing or post processing support not available in existing legacy systems



Dovetail Instant Payments Solution

For banks
looking to offer instant payments
services to customers




Dovetail Liquidity Management Solutions

For banks
looking for enterprise
liquidity monitoring and management