Dovetail Webinar featuring CEB TowerGroup: Real-time Payments – sooner rather than later!

23 February 2016
Time: 14:00 EST; 11:00 PST North America, Canada

With payment infrastructure initiatives being driven by The Clearing House, The Federal Reserve and NACHA, and the CPA in Canada, payments capabilities available to consumers and businesses will change sooner rather than later. The impact on bank infrastructure and product offerings will change the profitability landscape as a result.

In this webinar Andy Schmidt, Principal Executive Advisor, CEB TowerGroup Commercial Banking Practice and Trevor LaFleche, VP, Strategic Marketing from Dovetail will be covering:
•   the current state of play on US Real-time Payments
•   NACHA Sameday ACH and the recent FED announcements
•   the implications ‘under the hood’ at what banks need to be thinking about with the new central infrastructures
•   the product revenue implications for faster payments and new approaches to building a successful the business case.

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