Dovetail is a financial technology market leader and innovator, established in 2000. It has continually stayed at the forefront of innovation as the transaction banking market has developed and grown.

  • Introducing the first payment hub in 2003
  • Fully integrating item-level, real-time processing of high and low value payments in 2006
  • Providing holistic, real-time cash flow positions for intraday liquidity monitoring and payment flow control in 2011
  • Introducing smart middle office capabilities in 2013 that improve client services and efficiency without the need to overhaul legacy back offices

All based on the single architecture that enables banks to address the continuing compliance, revenue growth and cost efficiency pressures.

With an ever expanding list of global, regional and local banks and payment service providers taking advantage of Dovetail’s market ready solutions, Dovetail is now firmly one of the world’s leading payments and liquidity management vendors.

It is no surprise that Dovetail is regularly recognised through key industry awards.

Dovetail has principal offices in London, UK and Parsippany, New Jersey with a corporate office in Ireland. Dovetail also has regional offices in Singapore, Milan and Toronto.

With the leadership team, based in New Jersey and London, Dovetail has continued to strengthen its management capabilities to drive the organisation’s development and growth. The management team provides market leading expertise in financial markets technology combined with deep payments industry expertise.

Dovetail Corporate Brochure

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