Our values

Dovetail’s success is a result of acting with character, competence, collaboration and commitment in support of our clients. It requires character to act on our beliefs, competence and collaboration to achieve our goals and commitment to see them through. These core values drive productivity, resulting in profitability and sustainability for the benefit of our staff and clients … delivering advantage to all.


  • Demonstrating ethical integrity and personal accountability in all we do
  • Managing on the basis of sound business principles and doing the “right thing”
  • Maintaining an open environment where honest communications are encouraged and differences of opinion valued
  • Placing an emphasis on seeking solutions, not casting blame


  • Excellence in execution and a commitment to quality
  • Proactively seeking business development opportunities
  • Consistently demonstrating thought leadership and expertise
  • Exhibiting an entrepreneurial spirit and a relentless drive to innovate


  • Working as ‘One Team’ for the benefit of the company, clients and colleagues
  • Creating an environment where personal growth, learning, knowledge sharing and support for others’ development is valued
  • Working with clients and colleagues as a trusted highly professional partner
  • Continuously seeking the optimal balance between flexibility and control


  • Making good on our promise to deliver advantage to our clients and our colleagues
  • Ensuring that Dovetail is an employer of choice in the financial technology sector