Dovetail builds strategic alliances with key partners globally and locally to ensure we provide clients with the optimal solutions and maintain our position at the forefront of payments industry innovation. To do this Dovetail engages three distinct types of partner: transaction banking ecosystems partners, systems integrators and consultancies and technology partners.

Dovetail solutions provide core processing and information capabilities at the heart of transaction banking. To maximize our value to our clients, we are keen to allow banks to choose best-in-class providers that use our platform. Leading transaction banking vendors partner with Dovetail to offer streamlined integration and implementation patterns, facilitating rapid, low-risk solution deployment.

These are companies who provide the services required to integrate Dovetail’s solutions into banking environments, to manage these integrated environments and provide strategic consulting around payment system modernization.

These are companies that provide underlying technical capabilities, hardware or software for the smooth operation of Dovetail solutions.