Instant payments in Europe

Domestic instant payment schemes are already live in Denmark, Norway Poland, Sweden and UK – each with its own rules, message formats and currency.

At a pan-European level SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst) is a scheme designed for euro transactions, based on the existing SCT scheme and the ISO 20022 message standard, that offers 24/7/365 availability, ensures funds are available to the beneficiary within 10 seconds and, at least initially, allows a maximum transaction amount of €15,000.

Though not a mandatory scheme for banks, with 34 participating countries, there is a potential scope for SCT Inst to reach out 500 million users – so the impact on the European payments landscape will be significant – and the pace is now starting to pick up with the European Payments Council SCT Inst scheme rulebook coming into force in November 2017.

Clearing and Settlement Mechanisms (CSMs) are competing in offering services based on the SEPA payment schemes. To date seven organizations have agreed to offer messaging services to CSMs that support full compliance with the SCT Inst scheme and one additional organization has disclosed its intent.

In addition, at a pan-European level, the TARGET Instant Payments Settlement service (TIPS) is being established by the European Central Bank to provide instant payments settlement services, to PSPs and ACHs which have access to TARGET2, focused on the euro, but also capable of settling in other currencies. It is based on the same message formats and aligned with SCT Inst.

In an environment in which there remain a number of unknowns, and with the need to connect to multiple CSMs, it is important to select a partner that can cover all possibilities.

Dovetail has solutions covering all European instant payment clearing and settlement services and is one of the listed frontrunner service providers of the EBA Clearing instant payment service (scheduled to go live in November 2017).

Our wide range of instant payment processing and connectivity solutions get you fast to market with best in class solutions and minimal risk – and, all being based on our single Dovetail Transaction Architecture, offer an unsurpassed level of futureproofing.

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