Dovetail increases presence in Cloud

Cloud services are becoming increasingly mature and provide secure processing environments with which regulators, and some banks, are increasingly comfortable. Infrastructure as a Service, and to a degree Platform as a Service, are well defined and ready to provide significant benefits to operating models even in complex infrastructure domains such as payments – whether used in a public, private or hybrid manner.

Business benefits

  • Significant cost savings in datacenters, hardware and software stacks due to pooling of resources and elasticity in supply
  • Increased levels of standardization and automation within production environments and to an even greater extent in test environments
  • Acts as a catalyst to accelerate transformation to DevOps
  • Improved resiliency

Dovetail already has extensive experience supporting private cloud environments. We are now working with a leading bank migrating payments processing to public cloud to increase agility, and drive cost efficiency. A number of other clients are exploring the benefits of public cloud for integration and performance testing.

Combine our solutions with our proven processes and our industry leading expertise and it’s easy to understand why Dovetail solutions are more reliable, lower risk and faster to implement.

It’s all part of the advantage we bring to your business.

If you would like to know more about how you can leverage Dovetail solutions in public cloud, please fill out this form and we will contact you shortly.


Leading Banks of all sizes are building their strategic platforms with Dovetail including: