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PROGRESSIVE ENABLEMENT FOR REAL-TIME PAYMENTS: If you are looking to consolidate your clearing connections while using the opportunity to progressively renovate your legacy system, you can now see details of the Dovetail Universal Gateway Solution as well as specific details on the Dovetail Universal Gateway Solution for US Real-time Payments and the Dovetail Universal Gateway Solution for UK Faster Payments on our website.
HOW YOU CAN BENEFIT FROM THE EVOLVING UK PAYMENTS INFRASTRUCTURE: The payments market is undergoing fundamental changes in the way connections are made to the UK payment schemes. New market offerings enable access to Faster Payments without huge infrastructure investments. Register here for our webinar on 14 April to hear about the challenges, opportunities and options.
REAL-TIME PAYMENTS, SOONER RATHER THAN LATER! If you missed the Dovetail/CEB Towergroup Webinar on 23 February, you can now listen and view it here! Andy Schmidt, Principal Executive Advisor, CEB TowerGroup Commercial Banking Practice shared his thoughts on US real-time payments and the implications for banks of recent infrastructure change announcements from the FED, NACHA and TCH.
THE ‘INCREASING PRESSURE ON PAYMENTS webinar was hosted by Dovetail on 08 December. How are banks responding and adapting to continued pressure on costs and pricing? See and hear the webinar here if you missed it live!
DAVID CHANCE ELECTED TO THE BOARD OF IPFA: The International Payments Framework Association (IPFA) in February elected its new Board of Directors for the 2016-2018 term. David Chance, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy at Dovetail was elected to the board to represent the vendor community within the IPFA and to provide his extensive knowledge of payments including cross-border and real-time payments to its members. The new board comes at an important time for the organisation with its focus on expanding the framework to support real-time payments on a global basis and inclusion of more financial sector players.
DOVETAIL STRENGTHENS US TEAM: Senior banking professional, Greg Cicero joined Dovetail’s US sales team, bringing significant transaction banking experience and industry knowledge. He has held leadership positions at Bank of New York Mellon and Union Bank of California. Greg is based in Pennsylvania and can be contacted at greg.cicero@dovetailsystems.com

DOVETAIL ON THE UKTI AND FINEXTRA PANEL: Trevor LaFleche, Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Dovetail was a speaker at a ‘Banking in Real-Time’ panel discussion as part of the UKTI & Finextra, Nordics Fintech event held in Stockholm on 21 January.

THE DOVETAIL INDUSTRY ADVISORY GROUP is an invitation only group of senior executives of leading Dovetail clients that convenes several times a year to discuss key payments and liquidity management topics. The Group met in February and discussed instant payments, information linked to payments, and correspondent banking models. There was an agreement that, in both the US and Europe, there will be multiple instant payment schemes and that banks need to be sufficiently flexible to deal with this requirement.
If you are a Dovetail client and would like to know more about this group, please contact Jonathan Valentine, Chief Marketing Officer, Dovetail at jonathan.valentine@dovetailsystems.com

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